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NAEA - National Abstinence Education Association - Advocacy

NAEA - National Abstinence Education Association - Advocacy

The NAEA exists to serve, support and represent individuals and organizations in the practice of abstinence education.

The National Abstinence Leadership Council (NALC), comprised of leading abstinence providers from across the country, gathered during the fall of 2006 to discuss current and future needs of the abstinence education field. As a result of ensuing discussions, these leaders voted to form NAEA as a 501(c)(4) membership association as a means of accomplishing long term strategic goals for the field of abstinence. As a 501(c)(4), NAEA is able to offer unique member services for abstinence education organizations, educators and providers, including advocacy on behalf of abstinence education.

The NAEA Board of Directors & Advisory Board represent some of the leading abstinence education programs in the country. Members of the board directors and advisory board represent a broad network of state abstinence coalitions, medical and youth development organizations, and diverse professionals who offer valuable insight and guidance to NAEA. The board of directors, advisory board, and members of NAEA include providers of abstinence education programs, services, curriculum, and resources which may directly or indirectly receive government funds for the provision of programs and resources. The NAEA Board of Directors and Advisory Board Members are dedicated to maintaining and improving abstinence education programs nationally. Executive Director, Valerie Huber brings significant grass-roots and administrative experience to this position as former director of a community-based abstinence organization and former Title V Coordinator for the State of Ohio.

Strategic Objectives
A multi-pronged approach will be used by NAEA to support association members:

Advocating in support of state and federal support for abstinence-centered education in order to sustain and expand state and federal funding.

Rebranding the abstinence message to provide positive representation in the public square.

Responding to current issues by providing effective talking points and general commentary made available to the abstinence community.

Providing research expertise to evaluate raw data, interpret research trends, and correlate findings to healthy youth behavior.

Encouraging the formation and strengthening of state coalitions in order to foster coordinated strategies and communication between the local, state and federal level.

Making member support services available which include group discount rates on insurance, office equipment and other common expenses associated with program implementation.

Offering professional development opportunities for abstinence educators in order to solidify and unify the foundational knowledge base among the profession.


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